P’eau douce, 2004, artwork by Marc Dulude. Photo credits: Marc Dulude.

Photo credits: Marc Dulude

Synergie: fable visuelle [Synergy: visual fable]

Materials :
Polished aluminum, epoxy paint
Dimensions :
500(h) x 350(l) x 25(d) cm
Medium :

Context :
Public artwork installed at École Saint-Mathieu in Montreal.

The proposal is intended to be a poetic interpretation of the notions of learning, sharing of knowledge, mutual aid, protection and collective strength. Here, the foxes make concordant gestures and tend towards the same goal. They symbolically embody collective intelligence, agility and spirit. Their presence reveals the benevolence of a protector who unites and who shows empathy in the most difficult times. As for the choice of the diamond pattern that appears on the building, it becomes in a way the incarnation of a transformation, of an evolution that takes place through the involvement of everyone.