P’eau douce, 2004, artwork by Marc Dulude. Photo credits: Marc Dulude.

Photo credits: Marc Dulude

National Biennial of Contemporary Sculpture

Materials :
Aluminum, bicycle rims, engine, water, wood
Dimensions :
Medium :

Context :
Installation presented as part of the National Biennial of Contemporary Sculpture (NBCS), from June 16 to September 3, 2006. Under the theme “The time of vertical and horizontal” the NBCS was presented in three exhibition centers in Trois-Rivières. The national exhibition brought together the works of 14 Canadian artists chosen by a selection committee.

This installation is made up of two pieces; each one being formed of a pliant membrane and a structure. Within its interior, wheel rims and steel wires horizontally form a canvas of diverse forms and voids. Under the weight of the water, basin like hollows are created in the membrane, which is stretched like a skin over the steel structure. These flexible pockets of liquid are shaken by a mechanism attached to the structure, thus forcing the water to bounce about in all directions.

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