P’eau douce, 2004, artwork by Marc Dulude. Photo credits: Marc Dulude.

Photo credits: Marc Dulude

Synergie: fable visuelle [Synergy: visual fable]

Materials :
Polished aluminum, epoxy paint
Dimensions :
500(h) x 350(l) x 25(d) cm
Medium :

Context :
Public artwork installed at École Saint-Mathieu in Montreal.

The creation is intended to be a poetic representation of the notions of learning, knowledge-sharing, cooperation, collective protection, and collective strength. In this artwork, the foxes collaborate and endeavour towards a common goal. They embody collective intelligence, agility, and spirit. Their presence reveals the benevolence of a protector who unites and demonstrates empathy in the darkest of moments. As for the diamond-shaped pattern which appears on the building, it portrays in a way, the essence of a transformation, an evolution that occurs through everyone’s involvement.