P’eau douce, 2004, artwork by Marc Dulude. Photo credits: Marc Dulude.

Photo credits: Marc Dulude

Tout un voyage! [Quite a Trip!]

Materals :
Bicycle, Plexiglas, taxidermy bird and wood logs
Dimensions :
200 (h) x 200 (l) x 200 (d) cm
Medium :
Temporary outdoor sculpture

Context :
Temporary public artwork set up on the site of the former Val-David train station as part of the artistic event titled Cyclique during the summer of 2016.

The municipalities of Sainte-Agathe-des-Monts, Val-David and Val-Morin are joining forces with the Val-David Exhibition Center and the Valmorin organization Les Flâneurs erratiques to offer a wonderful summer event in contemporary art. The event titled Cyclique offers a journey through interdisciplinary artistic creations with artists from here and elsewhere along the P’tit train du Nord bike path. The work Tout un voyage!, which was designed to amaze, is inspired by notions of nomadic life, roaming, and the complex relationship between man and nature.

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